Android Pattern Lock is Crackable with in 5 attemps | 7 Tips to Secure it.

Android pattern lock is crackable - tips to secure it

You might be a lover who want to secure his girlfriend's messages from friends and family members; or ,you might be a businessman who stores useful information is his smart phone and for protecting it from others, uses a screen lock in android smart phone. Right? 

Well, you are doing wrong at this point now -you are no more secure dude ! Someone can easily get into your smartphone even if it is pattern locked.

Don't afraid ! I will teach you how you can secure your android pattern lock being cracked. But First of all let's throw some light on the news that has coined this term-" Research :Your android device screen pattern lock is crackable with in just 5 attempts.


No, research says that your android pattern lock is no more secure; someone can easily steal your useful information without letting you know about it. The essence of this research can be found in a paper by Lancaster University , China which is profited by funding from the Engineering and Physics Science Research Council (EPSRC). 

Pattern Lock Screen is a interface which differentiate the authentic users from outsiders. This  pattern lock is used in millions of devices across the world to secure data. 

But someone can easily crack your screen lock pattern just by filming you from a distance.

Yes, you heard it right ! Someone, will just film you from a distance when you are using mobile phone; may it be entertainment room, dining table or library where you just remove your mobile phone from pocket and start using it. This cracking of android pattern lock is based on Computer Vision Algorithm which just work on video footage.

Android pattern lock is crackable with in 5 attempts using computer vision algorithm

Computer Vision is advanced type of computing principles which can deduct logic and decisions from images of footage video. Video is also made up of frames relayed in continuous manner; So processing of video frames can give you some pattern in image sequences. This pattern is read by the Computer Vision Algorithms.  


Lets undertand it with an illustration - How it works? 

Suppose you are a company manager who store all sales record and useful data in android mobile phone having pattern lock enabled.

One day, you went in a restaurant with your friend who is your competitor.

Both of you are waiting for waiter ; meanwhile you removed your phone from pocket and starting using it after unlocking the pattern.  

Although your phone text and pattern is not visible to your friend because he is in opposite direction but he filmed you in his phone while you were unlocking the pattern.

This video footage contains just your hand movements not the actual pattern

After applying computer vision algorithm he can crack your locked pattern with in 5 attempts.

That was the research - I tried to explain it in illustrative way, I hope you have got it. 

As I explained - this experiment resulted with 97.5%  accuracy, and 60% simple pattern were crackable in very first attempt.

Another article from techxplore  explains clearly that screen pattern are still crackable. It is true that people are not that mad these days as they will use a password like 'qwert12345'; but , while applying screen locks they prefer easy ones to secure their devices.

The experiment was performed on 3500+ participants for collecting pattern which revealed that 44% of participants started making pattern from top left and most of used simple ones. 

Ironically, if you make android lock pattern complicated then it is easy for the computer vision algorithm to crack it. These researchers collected possible patterns from different people which they mostly used ; hence , they found that complicated the pattern is - less possibility cases are for cracking it. But simple one's has lot of possibility patterns, that's why they were not crackable easily as compared to complicated one's. 

How to Secure Android Pattern Lock Cracking ?

Clearly, research shows that android pattern lock is crackable. So, how to secure it- we will leran few tips here-

1) Don't use pattern code on your android device if you are most likely store useful information in your device. 

2) Use numeric passwords ( Strong password mixed with numbers, letters, symbols)

3) If you  want to still use pattern lock in android phone then always unlock it carefully.
   Notice that if someone is filming at you or not? 

4) Always draw pattern by hiding your fingers movement so that filmed video can not capture the fingers movement.

5) While unlocking screen pattern make sure that your phone is situated vertically in front of you so that no one can film your finger movements.

6) Make variations in screen colors and brightness to ensure that your fingers are not detectable.

7) Be aware about your data and security risks.

Conclusion : 

Android Pattern lock is crackable by using computer vision algorithms. So, never rely on just screen pattern lock ; always use additional security too for accessing your phone. 

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