Top 3 Highest Paying Url Shortener 2017- $1000/week Made Easy

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Top 3 best url shortener of 2017

Can we really make money from url shortenr in 2017- obviously, you might be thinking the same question. Answer is- yes; a huge money, if tried seriously. I can say all this because I have already made it what you are thinking to make from url sortener i.e- $1000 per week.

So,you are landed at right place where I will guide you about Ins and Outs of Best Url Shorteners and their earning potential. If you want to know how much I am earning from url sortener then you must read this first-

How I made $1113 per week by url sortener- See my total earning screen shot.

Best 3 Url Shortener of 2017

So, after looking at my earning report , you are motivated enough to start making money from url shortenr. But selection of best url shortener is the very first step. Here , I will discuss various ins and outs of 3 Best  Url Shorteners , so keep on reading-

#1 Shorte st Url Shortenr:

Highest paying url sortener- shortest

Shorte st url sortener is the first in our list of highest paying shorteners due to its higher CPM. This url shortener pay ranging from $5 per 1000 views to even $20 per same. The seduction of joining this url shortener comes from the added advantage of referral programme; where , you will earn 20% commission for life time. Here is the paying rate of this url shortener shown below-

Top 3 highest paying url shortener- paying rate

You may read complete review of shorte st url shortener here and you can join here , it would merely take 1 minute to join.


                              Paying Rate              : $5-$20 per 1000 views
                              Minimum payment   : $5
                              Paying method         :  Paypal , payoneer
                              Main Benefit             :  Referral programmer-earn 20% for life time
                              Alexa Rank               : 2552
                              Rating                       :  5/5 Url Shortenr:

Best url shortener 2017 started in 2009 and that's why it is the oldest paying url shortener. Paying rates may vary from $5 to $10 per 1000 views. The process of earning from adfly is same as shorte st.  Here, first of all you need to sign up for its programme then type any url that you want to shrink and shrink it. You can share that link any where on social media or embed in your blog posts. When someone will click on it, it will show up a skip ad for nearly 5 seconds before redirecting you to the exact url. There are also many options to monetize your blog with adfly like mass shrinker,desktop solutions , mobile , website script etc. you may check its details at


                              Paying Rate              : $5-$10 per 1000 views
                              Minimum payment   : $5
                              Paying method         :  Paypal , payoneer, payaza
                              Main Benefit             :  It is oldest so trust factor comes with it.
                              Alexa Rank               :  88
                              Rating                       :  4.9/5

#3. Link Shrink.Net Url Shortener:

Best highest paying url shortener-

LinkShrink url shortener is also popular in this list and we have ranked  it 3rd as highest paying shortener. The monetization method is same as shortest and adfly. This url shortener pays highest for Kuwait Traffic. You may sign up for their programme and start monetizing your website today by embedding short links .


                              Paying Rate              : $0.48-$9.98 per 1000 views
                              Minimum payment   : $5
                              Paying method         :  Paypal ,payaza
                              Main Benefit             :  Referral Programmer -10%
                              Alexa Rank               :  645
                              Rating                       :  4.9/5


We have shortlisted these url shorteners according to our experience of using them. Undoubtedly, Shorte st is the best in our list because we are earning our best from this url shortener. We have monetized many blogs with it so you should defenetely join it today. 

Apart from earning money, url shorteners have many other benefits as well. Some of them are listed below-

1) Url Shorteners makes links more manageable ; your bulky urls now becomes short, so you can manage them easily.

2) By using url shorteners , you can track your visiters- as, when they clicked on it and how many visiters clicked on a particular link.

3) They promote sharing. We have conducted a survery on our links and we found that when we posted short url of the same content  then CTR was 3.08%. So , people are more likely to click on short looking urls.

Url shortener- comparasion in CTR with short urls

Wrap Up:

So, it is always beneficial to use url sortener for earning a decent income. We have shared this comparison on the basis of our real experience with url shorteners. I hope ,you be profited from this analysis. It took me 3-4 hours to write this article for your where I have shared real data by our experience. Please share this article with your circles , it would benefit them too. If you have any doubt, you may comment below I will reply you as soon as possible.

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