3 Reasons you Should not Remove Blogger Navbar

Three reasons u should be using blogger navbar

Blogger blog has default Navigation Bar which helps to boost your site Seo and traffic. There are 3 reasons why you should never remove default blogger navbar from your blog if you have just started your blogging career.

As we all know that blogger was initially launched in 1999 by Pyra Labs but later Google find its usability more productive and hence Google bought Blogger from Pyra Labs in 2003. Initially , it was used for making online notes which you can share with your friends. Before the launch of  popular social networking sites , Blogger was the main medium to share our creative work with friends. So, we can say that it was quiet different from today in terms of design and usability. Blogger started redesigning blog structure since 2006 and now a lot of changes have made it quiet unique.

Although,it is true that we can make a professional website on blogger by associating custom domain to it and by making it Seo friendly;but, importance of default navbar for free version cannot be neglected. It has various advantages too which I will represent briefly; if you still find that there is no benefit on keeping navbar then you can move ahead where I will show you how you can remove it quickly.

#1 Blogger NavBar helps in Traffic:

blogger navbar gives you 50-100 unique visiters

Next Blog button on blogger navbar helps you getting traffic without doing anything. Whenever you click on this button; then next random blog will be redirected. Similarly, if you use this navbar then other user will land up on your blog when they click on next blog button.

Also it makes back link to each other blog this way. And if your blog has quality contents which user will stick to it then you can find many loyal readers per day just by using this blogger navbar. But if you want to make your professional website on blogger then it seems odd to use this on your site. So, in this case you should remove it as we have described below.

#2 Social Sharing Buttons:

Blogger Navbar has inbuilt social sharing buttons

Blogger navbar also have inbuilt social sharing buttons on the top along with inbuilt search bar. Otherwise you will have to add some javascript/css codes to add them as a separate unit. This will make burden on your page loading speed and your overall seo is afected. 

These inbuilt social sharing buttons in blogspot navbar are provided by third parties so your blogger template does not host heavy javascript code; So, it is advantageous to keep them if you want to have them without adding extra code to your blogger template. 

#3 New Post and Design Tabs :

Blogger navbar New Post Option

Here on the right top corner there are blog controlling options for blog admins. Your logged in email address is also listed there. You can simply make a new post by clicking on New Post button and you can also design your blogger blog by clicking on Design tab.


So, we have read the main 3 reasons why you should not remove blogger blog navbar. The main reason to keep it in your blog is traffic and back links with other blogs. Also built in search bar and social sharing options are provided by third parties so your blog template does not bear additional css/java script code

Overall, in terms of seo benefits it is plus point to keep blogger navbar on your blog but if you want to give your website professional look then you should remove them.

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