Complete Guide to Set up Custom Domain in Blogger Blog

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How to set up custom domain to blogger blog

Blogger blog is the best Free blogging platform in the world. This platform is special because it is owned by Google. It would not be wrong if we say that Google likes its Baby Blogger. That is why we can expect that Google do some favour to its  while ranking. 

Although Blogspot Blog  is not so much Seo Friendly yet we have seen the myriad of blogs which are hosted on the blogger platform and mostly favoured by Google Search Engine in Ranking. But it does not mean that you can violate the white hat Seo rules to get higher ranking without being penalised by search engines.

If we can do little Seo for blogger blog then its Seo benefits might give you the perfect choice to stick to it for lifetime. I think this platform can be made equally Seo friendly and appealing like professional website with some customization. Here, at ColorsGlobal ,  we are providing complete blog design guide with step by step tutorials. Recently, we have guided you about blog title customization and Optimiztion of Images For Better Organic Traffic. You can check these articles here before moving ahead-

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How to set up Custom Domain to Blogger Blog:

Default domain set up on blogger blog is mainly a sub-domain of and  it looks like We don't recommend to use this domain name for longer time because it will cost you in terms of bad seo as well as bad user experience.So better idea is to set up a custom domain to the existing blogger blog and do some customization for improvements in seo and in site appearance. There are some simple steps to add custom domain to blogger blog as explained below-

Step:1 Register New domain name:

This is very first step to register a new domain name if you don't have any. You can register with GoDaddy as it is cheap and most reliable. We have also registered with Go Daddy and I will show you how to add GoDaddy Domain to Blogger. But you can follow the same guide for different Domain Registrar as well.

Step:2 Make a Blogspot Blog:

If you don't want to use your existing blog or you have not made any blog yet then you should make a blog first. It would merely take 5 minutes to register with and get started. If you are completely newbie in blogging world then you can follow this guide here along with tips- what you should not do in starting stage of blogging career-

Step:3 Add Custom Domain:

You may also watch complete video tutorial for setting up custom domain; otherwise complete steps are explained below-

Now we will add Custom domain to our Blogspot Blog. The whole procedure is explained below in step wise step guides-

#1 Set Third Party Url

Now go to Blogger SETTINGS> BASIC  and click on Add third party domain as shown in figure-

set up custom domain in blogger - set third party url

#2 Enter Custom domain 

custom domain for blogger- enter custom url and save

Now enter your custom domain (make sure that domain should be already registered by you) and check the box to redirect domain. After that click on Save button. When you will save it , you will see an error message like this. Here Download the DNS setting file and save into your PC.

add custom domain to blogger blog- download DNS zone file

#3  Add DNS Zone File to Domain Name Registar 

Here I will show you how to add custom domain registered to Go Daddy Account. You can use the same guide for other domain registrar as well. 

So, first of all ,log into your Go Daddy account  and manage the domain. Click on >Manage as shown in figure-

After clicking on Manage button , list of registered domain will be displayed. Choose the domain you want to add to your blogger account by clicking on it. When you will click on a particular domain name then next screen will be shown like this as shown in figure below. select DNS zone File tab from here as shown in figure below-

Add custom domain to blogger- click on DNS zone File

Now click on More and then Import Zone File as shown in figure below-

Add  custom domain to blogger- Import Zone file

Now upload the ZONE  File which you have downloaded from blogger in step 2 and SAVE it as shown in figure below-

#4 Now Save your Domain on Blogger 

So, you have successfully uploaded the DNS zone file to Godaddy account ( or any other domain registrar may be) . Now,  go to blogger account and save your Domain as shown in figure-

save custom domain to blogger blog

Congrates! you have successfully added your custom domain name to blogger blog. Now you  have just started it giving it professional look. The next few steps will transform your blog in a seo friendly website. So, we recommend you to read and apply these customization too to your blog for better seo and user experience.

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