How to Remove Blogger Navbar-3 Best Ways

How to Remove Blogger Navbar -3 best ways

Do you think that Blogger Navbar should not be at the top of your blog- then you are at right place .Sometime,Blogger Navbar looks odd to your current blog design; So, we need to remove it with immediate effect.

Contrary to this, Blogger Navbar is not always that bad if you are new blogger. In recent post I have  explained - 3 Reasons you should not Remove Blogger Navbar.

But if you have carefully decided your new blog design  according to your niche and finally reached to a point where Blogger Navbar is creating problem for you then you have landed at right place. Here, I will show you mainly 3 methods to remove Blogger Navbar from your blog. You may read on further and select the best one which suits your blog design.

#1. Remove Blogger NavBar-Change Theme

Remove Blogger Navbar by using cool premium blogger themes
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This does not take that much hassle. You should directly change your blogger theme which is professionally designed. You may select from many Premium Blogspot themes posted on our website.I am recommending  choosing premium themes  for blogger because it will take care of all issues. May it be blog seo, image compression, blog title optimization or many other benefits- Premium themes will take care of all these issues. 

#2.Turn off Blogger NavBar

If you  don't want to change your blog theme then you may turn Navbar off. Remember turning off would not delete Navbar widget from theme, it would still be there- you may turn it on anytime later. Follow these simple steps to turn it off your blog-

#Step 1:

Go to blogger dashboard dashboard >Layout>Navbar  click on the navbar widget  as shown in figure below-

#Step 2:

When you click on the navbar widget , a pop up window will be displayed. Here , you can either select different styles of Blogger Navbar or you can turn it off permanently without deleting it. So, check the off button and save it. You have successfully turned it off.

#3. Complete Remove Blogger Navbar:

In this method we will completely remove the blogger navbar widget from your blog. After completely removal it would not reside on your blog code. In this method we need to interfere in the blog template code but don't worry I will guide you in simple steps, you can do this in just 20 seconds.

From Programming point of view, It is a best practice to completely remove the blogger Navbar from your blog if you don't want to use it. Because just turning it off as suggested in method 2 , will not remove the code from blog template. Hence we will have unnecessary code residing in our blog template which cause slower page speed

So here are few simple steps to remove this widget from your blog completely. You should follow them carefully otherwise you would end up technical errors in your blog design.

#Step 1:

Remove blogger navbar method 3- edit blogger template

First  of all ,go to blogger dashboard and Back up your current template ; in case any mistake happens- you may install this template again;otherwise this step is not mandatory
Now click on Template(2) Tab and then on Edit Html (3) Tab.

#Step 2:

Now find the below given code in the blogger template and delete the whole code.After that save the template. If you have some trouble in finding this code exactly then follow these simple steps-

How to find this code accurately: 

1) Copy online first line of the above  code( not whole code, only first line).

2)Now go to blogger template edit screen and Press CTRL+F ; a search tab would appear.  Make sure that your mouse cursor is inside template screen otherwise you will end up searching whole web page. So, before pressing CTRL+F , move your cursor in template screen by just clicking anywhere in the screen.

3) Now paste this  first line code there and press Enter.

4) The First Line code would appear in yellow highlighted text from where you can identify the whole code as given above.

5) Now select the whole code and Delete it.

Remove Navbar from blogger -Delete navbar widget from template

6) Now save the template.

7) Congrates, you have successfully deleted the blogger navigation bar completely.


So, I have shown you all the 3 methods step wise step. You can remove blogger navbar partially or completely depending on your choice. First method of changing blogger template is for those who want to give their blogspot blog completely new look with added advantages. Second method is hiding blogger navbar; it would not delete it from blogger template code. Third and last one is more effective ; it will completely remove blogger navbar widget from your blogger template code. 

Well, it took really long hours to represent whole choices step by step. You may share this article with your friends and if you have any trouble using this code then you may comment down below; I will  try to sort it out as soon as possible.  Subscribe for new updates.

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