Guide to make Free Blog on Blogspot and Earn Decent Money

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How to make Free blogspot blog and earn money

Old were those days, when blogger was used for making online diary. With time, it scope has widened and now it can be used to generate massive passive income.Although there are other method too around us to make money online. Recently we have shown our total weekly earning $1113/week using url sortener but that is quiet different than blogging. Blogging opens your way of different types of monetisation like adsense earning, affiliate earning , direct web advertisement or selling your own products

Why Choose Blogspot Blog

So, you have chosen blogger platform for starting your blogging journey- that's the right thing if you don't want to invest in building starting capital of your blogging endeavour. Now blogger itself has changed- It has lots of premium themes available which can make your blog look like professional website also having most of enhanced Seo features. Also we can customize our blogger blog to add new widgets and to make it Seo Friendly. So, blogger is the best choice with minimum resources.

How to Make Blogger Blog

So, In next 5 minutes you will be having your new blogspot blog. Making blog on blogspot is very easy as explained below-

#1 Go to

How to make blogger blog- Create blog

If you don't have gmail account then first make it and then log in to . Here, it may ask you to set up Google+ profile if you din't have created it. After completing suggested tasks , click on the CREATE NEW BLOG button as shown in figure.

#2 Select Theme and Blog Address

Make Blogspot blog- choose template and blog address

Here, you will see 3 options - First, Title is the name of your blog which you want to show to users and search engines. Title should be short and Seo friendly , you should include some keywords in it or you may also go fancy without including any keyword. Second, Address  is the url of your blog which users will type in browser to access it. You will have to select unique url and it should not be too long. Third, Templates is the theme of your blog;you may choose simple , Dynamic views, Picture Window etc. After selecting the theme , click on Create blog button. Congrates, your blog is created; you will see this screen where you can write blog posts.

Blogspot blog created

 What is Next Step

So, you have successfully created blogspot blog. But this is just starting, you will have to cover a long journey to earn a huge amount of money. It is possible to earn even $100000/month from a blog;many people are earning that much of money by doing hard work.

But, I will never suggest you to jump directly to that step because it is not possible at this time. You will end up making your blog epic fail. But a step wise step guide provided by experts will help you getting rich one day. Patience is very important in blogging journey. Each day you may encounter many problems- but, never give up; your patience is the strength of tomorrow.

Suggested Reading

Next step before writing any post would be little bit of customization to your blog template which will make it seo friendly. Also I suggest you to get knowledge of the following topics before writing your new post. 

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