3 Best Image Compression Tools For Bloggers- 81% size reduction

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3 Best Image Compression Tools For Bloggers- 81% size reduction

Image compression is very essential if you want to make your blog or website load faster. Optimum page load time should be less than 2 seconds. If your website loads in more than 5 seconds then you are more likely to lose 15%  sales of goods. Here one of our client has reported to increase in sales figure after we optimized her website for fast loading. 

increase in sales reported after reducing page load time by image compression

So, you got it right- optimized images give you small page load time which in turn increase your sales. Actually there are other factors too which contribute to page loading speed but here we are focusing on only Image compression. Recently, we have measured the effect of image compression as 200% increase in organic traffic  because in 2017 google has started giving more importance to page loading speed. Lesser is the time; more google will favour while indexing your pages. 

But , If we want to reduce image size then certain questions bothers us related to the image quality.So, we will have to make a balance between image size and image quality. Unless we are familiar with digital image processing with Matlab, we can't go into details at pixel level of images. So, better option is to use built in tools available in the market to reduce image size without much compromising the quality. We have tested many tools for this task , but best 3 are listed below-

Best Image Compression Tools:

These three tools are tested by us and yields in most propitious results for web images.

#1 Image Compressor Online Tool

Best Image Compression tools - compressor.io

Compress.io is the best online image compressor tools for bloggers or web designers. This tool promise you to compress image size by 90% without loosing image quality.  There are mainly 4 types of image format are supported by compressor tool i.e- JPEG, PNG,GIF,SVG.

Also, this tool offers two types of compression -lossy or lossless. In lossy compession image quality is affected little bit as compared to the original one but in lossless image compression the image quality is not affected that much and image appears to be quiet original. Lossless image compression is only supported  for the JPEG and PNG format only.

Here, I am showing you the real data - How much size is reduced by this tool and how much quality is compromised.  I am posting live results of all these tools here, so read on-

How to use compressor.io

First of all , upload the file on the main screen or you can drag and drop also and press enter. 

Image compressor- image size reduced by 84%

As you can see the live statics of image. Before compression the image size was 172.72KB but after compression the image size becomes 28.20KB ;i.e almost 84% size reduction without loosing quality. You can also save this image to your google drive or dropbox by selecting the options there or you can download it into your hard drive by clicking on download button. 

#2 ImageResize’s Image Compressor

This image compressor is one of the easiest image compressors to use. All you have to do is drag and drop images to their upload pages and the compression will start automatically. They support both JPG and PNG image compressions in the same tool.

They are using an intelligent lossy algorithm to compress images which detects if the image is already compressed or not. This means that their compression will adjust accordingly if the image is already optimized and aim to preserve as much image quality as possible. In a side by side comparison, you do not see any visible quality changes from compressing using this tool.

How to use ImageResize.org’s compressor

  1. First upload your images to their compression page (you can also drag and drop up to 20 images at a time for batch compression)
  2. Once you have uploaded all the files you want to compress, click on the blue “Compress Images” button as shown.

  1. Your images will begin to upload and convert automatically. Once the compressions are completed, you will be shown the percentage saved for all images. You can download compressed images individually or all together in a zip file. As you can see from the screenshot below, they are able to save about 70 to 80% from images.

#3 CompressJpeg Online Tool

Compressjpeg.com is another popular online tool to compress images without compromising quality that much. We have tested this tool  by compressing the same image of original size 172.72 KB. After compression the image size comes out to be 34.3KB i.e 80% compression is achieved.

Although, compression is less than compressor.io tool but still there are other benefits of using this tool. We can simultaneously drag and drop multiple images on the screen and download them all just by one click. Also we can convert images from one format to another.  

#4 Photoshop Software

Let's be little bit creative by using this tool. In previous tools we don't have to do anything rather than just dragging and dropping the images and download the compressed image. But in Photoshop , we can control the image quality and size in different way. There are various parameters to control the image in Photoshop but we have to find out which is well optimized for web use. 

Here ,we will recommend you to use the feature for saving web images. Just save the image for web in GIF or JPEG format. Compression results for web images is shown below-

Compress image size using photoshop

Here, if we save as Medium size JPEG then size is 14.4KB but while saving as high quality jpeg the size was 34.4 kb.

Comprasion of 3 Image compressor Tools:

Here, is the comparison of all the above tools- which are the best tools for image compression with having own advantages. The compression size is shown here-

Wrap Up:

So, we see  in the compression chart -all the image compressor tools reduce size up to 80% of the original image size.  You can use any tool according to the availability or ease of use.  Image compression is the vital part of reducing page size and hence increasing page loading speed. There are many other issues also which we should take into consideration for better speed. I hope, you would have enjoyed our live experiment with top 3 image  compression tools. Please share this article with your circle; it would help them too. If you have any doubt or you want to share your experience then please comment down below. I will reply you as soon as possible. 

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