How I make 1113$ /week by url shortener | My earning screenshot will blow your mind.

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make easy money online

So, you have made a new website-but you are finding a new way to make money from it. Or, you are a housewife or a student who want to make handsome amount of money by doing little work- something like 4-5 hours per week. Right?

Then you have come to the right place here you will meet someone who have helped many people out there and they are making 1000$ per month after working hard just 6 month. So, be ready for your next income and continue reading and apply these steps mentioned below, today. Don’t delay ever because if you will not do it today then you will never do it. You might feel little bit sceptic about my words here but you can read this research work here which shows how procrastination kills our dreams of becoming rich.
 So, you are quite ready for your new earning endeavour then continue reading here-
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What is url Shortener

google url shortner

A url shortener is a web service which allows you to make long and bulky looking urls short. For example we have a url of our website After shortening this url it will look like this-, still redirecting to the same page after a short 5 sec advertisement. This advertisement opportunity will open your door for a huge earning -1000$/month.

What type of url shortner are there?

There are a lot of url shortner services on the web. One popular is google url shortner but it would not pay you any penny. So I will not discuss about google url shortner because my aim is to help you earn 1000$/month. I have tried many url shortner services for earning money for many years, So, I can suggest you best out there and complete guide about it.

How I found the best url shortner

As I might have told you, I was also a normal guy like you who was desperate of making huge money from my 100s of websites. But I failed in the starting until I made my fortune in to money making machine. I found best paying sites for this work which will be my discussion topic today. I will strongly suggest you to register for url shortener because its paying rate is attractive and many other benefits that I will show you below.

How to get started

Very first step of this making 1000$/month guide is to register for this network. First here and register it today. Don’t delay- Now or never.

How to register for url shortener?

       1)  Go to –click here

  2) Enter your email name and password    
       3)  Verify email address        
       4) Short the link by typing in the field and open in new tab to verify that you are earning.

How to make money from url shortener is the best url shortener is our list because one- it pays highest money among all networks. 2nd- it has other features like web integration and referral programe to earn 20% life time. You may register for referral program and start earning additional to your links. Whenever other people will earn by registering from  referral link then you will also make 20% of it for life time.

shorte st url shortner

So how much I am earning from url shortner?

Well a big proof question – how much I am earning? Answer is- a lot of. If we talk about figures then in last 7 days I made 1113$ alone from (I am attaching screen shot of last 7 days earning.)

But may I tell you that I have been using it for last 2 years and I have a lot of sites which are monetised with this url shortener. But I think that you can too reach to that milestone if you will start working today. Register today and start working honestly – otherwise,as you better know - procrastination is the enemy of money making strategy

my earning details with

How much url shortner will pay you?

It will depend on the traffic and your geography. Currently, it pays me nearly 5$/1000 views. But if you will work hard and get a lot of views then earning/1000 views will boost gradually. Here is list of paying rates for 1000 view according to demographics. You will see that united states traffic gives the best result.

paying rates

Other options for monetization using

Well, best thing about is that you will even work while you are not working actually. This is- the referral programme of You may register for the referral program here and will earn 20% earning for life time.  You can also generate website scripts and embed in our site and start earning from it. But website script is not our source of income but you can try anytime.

My recommendation for making 1000$/ month?

     1) Register today for   here ( only today , not even tomorrow because                    procrastination  is your    enemy)

    2) Find you contents may it be- your blog post, information guide, book download link , software      download links or other downloading stuff, interesting stories, funny videos, prank videos or any    other thing that want to share; copy the link and type in the url shortening tab as shown below and      copy the link . ( Remember , you must login before url shortening for money  otherwise you will not  avail the benefit)
     3) Also sign for referral program of url shortner and create banner and put on your website as shown below. You can also notice a sidebar showing banner –you can also register by clicking on it, just check it.
    4) Share and share more contents with this url and keep patience. Patience is more important in any work if you want to get result. I noticed that many people fails because they don’t have patience and quit in the mid-way. So, before quitting just ask one question to yourself- why you started? Have you achieved your goal?
      5)I hope you will not let your motivation die out soon and will keep working on your dream of making 1000$/month. I believe that if I can make 1113$ per week than you can too.

Wrap up!

I hope you would have enjoyed this article. I have tried for long time to earn that much of money. So, I have spent long hours to write this article for you. I also did not hesitate to share my earning with you so that you can know about something practically. If you liked it, please like and share this article with your friends also, it will benefit them too. And register today, and start earning money in real time. You can withdraw that money after having 5$ or more in your account.

Thank you. You may subscribe for my next articles.

Tags: url shortener url shortner make money from url shortner shorte st  how to make money best url shortner highest paying url shortner  shortner shortener shorten shortlink bitly shortner url short google url shortner google shortner make money sharing urls make money from shorte st 


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