How to Seo Optimize Blog Images for 200% Search Reasults-5 Tips

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Seo optimize blog images for organic traffic

While I was doing a project for my client Miss. Johnson I tried to write this awesome article for you.She had an eCommerce website for selling electronic stuff. Her Blog was not getting that much of traffic that she ever wanted. When analysed her blog using this popular seo checking tools then I found that her blog had  Non Optimized bulky images. As you can see here the fixes suggested by these tools-

Optimize Images - google Insight

You can see here there are many fixes suggested fo proper optimization like Reduce server response timeEliminate render blocking java-script and Css in above the fold content , Leverage browser caching etc. But among all, Optimize Images for Seo is the primary fix. So, in this tutorial, I will show you how to optimize images for higher organic traffic. 

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How to Optimize Images for SEO

Images can be easily optimized after reading this article because seo optimization of images is the easiest part of complete seo Bible. But we ignore this portion very often due to lack of complete knowledge.So, here are few points you should always remember for getting better organic traffic.

#1. Creative and relevant Images:

seo optimization for better seo results- relevant image example

Actually you might be thinking that how using relevant images effects Web Page SEO. Right? But Indirectly, It has a lot of impact on your site SEO. Remember- Your website ranking is not only decided by search eangine rankings but also by how user responded to your content after landing to your page. Bad or irrelevant images may irritate your site visitors which may prompt her to leave the site immediately- and this is the negative sign for your ranking. So, your ranking also decided by the user experience and good ,creative and relevant images can make your readers curious to know more on your site and this is the booster signal for your overall ranking.

#2. Image Meta Tags for Search Engines:

Alt tag for better seo optimization of images

Image are binary data which are stored in zero or one form in digital format. Search Engines are  not human beings who can see visual contents by eyesight sense. Yet, I am not neglecting the fact that images can't be recognised , they are quiet well recognisable by Digital Image Processing concept as you have learned while using Matlab Software- If you are an Engineering student. 

But most of search engines don't feel comfortable while recognising images directly. So, for better Seo Results, we will have to help search engines by adding some Text data associated to it. In blogging journey this text data for Seo Optimization of Images is known as - Title tag and Alt tag. This tag also helps user to know about the image when he take mouse pointer over it- a short message about the image is displayed as shown in above pic.

So, this is strongly recommended that you should always use Title tag and Alt tag for better recognization of images by Search Engines

#3. Right Image Format for SEO:

Image format plays very important role for better representation of web page on internet. But you might be overestimating the right format, right? But, if you know about different image format and their properties then you will habitually get into using the optimum format according to the need.

For example, if you want to display an image which uses only Red Text Logo then it would be waste to use JPEG format because this one color need can be fulfilled by 8 bit GIF images. So, as a technical blogger you should know the right and optimum use of image formats.
seo optimizatio n of images- right image format
Image format is not correctly selected for the given size

#4. Image Size matters for Blog Seo:

Here, if you want to really Seo Optimize your blog for better organic traffic then this is the most desirable aspect of getting organic traffic. Larger Image size cause your website load slower. For optimum loading time of your web page, image size should be only between 30-70kb. But reducing image size to that limit without compromising image quality is a big challenge but not that tough- it can be easily accomplished with proper knowledge.

#5. Reduce Load on Server:

Heavy images puts a lot of load on server when your webpage is loaded in browser- this somehow reduces the efficiency of your server, as a result, your webpage loads slower. Higher loading time gives enough time to your visitors to make their way on other sites and hence you looses traffic.

Also, if your site code is not coded well then it allows others to directly use your image on their website by linking it. So, this way other website owners also uses your server resources and hence your server becomes further slower.

So, you should prevent others for using your server images on their website for better web page loading sped and for better web page seo. Also, you can use CDN - content delivery network to reduce server load which in turn will improve website speed.

Wrap up !

Well, it took me huge time to write this article for you. I have tried my best to explain all details for optimizing blog Images for better seo results. I hope you would have been profited from this guide. Please share this article with your friends and share on social media, it will help them too. Thank you, you may subscribe for my new guides. If you have any query , then comment down below, I will reply as soon as possible. 

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