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Many People don't agree that  url shortner has a big earning potential. Initially, when I started my blogging career, I blindly believed on their words. But when I started a new website which allowed to download large number of videos online; then, I was in a way to monetise it for maximum output. Google adsense was not paying that much for that particular niche, so , I tried to put shorted url of many url shortners in the download link.The earning was quiet good but now looking way back, I am thinking that I had lost a lot of money because my earning became x3 times when I switched to the new url shortner-

After observing lot of money flowing in by this new url shortner- shortest , I monetised all my websites link by it. Surprisingly, you would not believe that I am earning $1000+/ week. For proof you may see here-

So, I am sharing my real life experience here ,and reviewing the earning potentials of shorte st url shortner that perhaps you don't know. It has lot more for monetization like url shortening, website script and referral programme. So I will guide you all this here, continue reading-

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How to Join url shortener

join shortest url shortner

#Step 1: Go to the official website - click here ( do it now, because now or never,earn 20% life time)

#Step 2Enter email address and password and verify email address(2 minute process)

How to Start Earning Money from Shortest Url Shortner?

Well, this shortner provides mainly three options for making money. I am demonstrating all these one by one with its special features in just 2 subheadings.

#1. Url Shortener Service:

This is much like google url shortener but difference lies in just income. Here , you have opportunity to earn $5/1000  or even more depending on the traffic geography. In the end I will also show you paying rates for different zones.You may join it here and after successfully verifying your account , just paste the url and click on shorten. It will be shorted quickly , just copy it and paste it anywhere. When someone will click on your link you will be paid for it.

Enter url for shortening using

Download wordpress plugin:

If you own a wordpress website then wordpress plugin is the most easy way to monetise your website using shortest urls. The main advantage of this plugin comes with the fact that it does don't require even a single page on the web. To download this plugin you may click on the button given below.-

Mass url shrinker:

Mass shrinker allows you to shrink 20 urls simultaneously. But you should be careful while using it, because if you exploit it then it would get disabled from your account. It comes handy when you have list of blog posts in excel and you want to make those links monetised using shortest urls then you can copy 20 posts simultaneous and paste in the field as shown below to get the output.

Website script < > 

You can even use website script for your website.There are various options for choosing according to your choice. All the earning will be added in your account. To generate website script go to shortest website, it will look like this.

Web script for shortest url shortener

Payout Rates:

Payout rates generally depends on demographics of traffic. You may even earn  $11/1000 view or even more. Here is the list given below for different countries-

#2. Referral Programme of shorte st:

The referral programme of this url shortener is just amazing. The referral programme allows you to earn 20% earning on each referral earning for life time.Let's elaborate this in details- Once you will had joined the url shortener then a referral link is generated for you. You can suggest people this link anywhere. If they will join from this link then whatever they will earn , you will also learn 20% of their total earning for life time. This feature makes this shortner a win-win  situation for earning a huge money.

How to get referral link :

To get the referral link , go to the Tool section of the website as shown below. Here, you will find the referral tab just click on it and you will see your referral link . Just copy it and share it anywhere for earning 20% earning.

Where to share referral links:

Some of you may be thinking that where I should share this referral links. Well I am telling you the most propitious places where you should post this referral link.

#1. Your website or your blog: 

Yes, your website or blog is the best place to start. You can share this link in your blog posts or you can even make a logo and place it on the website sidebar. To make logo you don't need to do any Photoshop work but it is already available on the website. You can choose the size according to your website fit and copy the code and paste it in the html/ javascript section of your website.

#2. Write answer at quora: 

You can also help other people in earning money on quora. Search for the related question on quara and write a descriptive answer about it. Here, you can suggest people to earn money from url shortening services like shorte st and ask them to join it from your link. Remember , don't spam on quora , no one will join if you will spam; just help people with your knowledge , if they get impressed with your answer then they are more likely to join from your link.

#3. Share link on twitter: 

This url shortener has double benefit for twitter. One- your long url will feed the twit without much information so short link may save your day this time. Second- when people will click on your links, you  will earn in return. 

#4. Join google plus communities:

Google plus communities are great place to share your professional work. Be active on google plus communities and help like minded people. If you will share something, then they will be interested in your work and in return , you will make your money.

#5. Join linked in groups:

Linked in is a place of professional people. If you sound professional then you can join this platform at no cost. But some groups on linked in are private , so, you will have to find another groups which are in your niche and will accept your joining request.

#6. Share funny contents anywhere:

Every one wish to like funny videos on youtube, vimeo . Whenever you see a quiet funny video , you can shorten its url using shorte st url shortener and share it with your friends on whatsapp or even email them. 

Wrap Up

Well , I hope you would have enjoyed this article. I have 5+ year of experience in making money online. But shorte st url shortener is the quick and easiest way to earn money. Any  one can earn money from it that's why I decided to share with you, It took me long hours to write this article for you. So, you would defenetely like to share this useful guide with your friends. I am sure, it will help them too. Thank you, if you haven't registered for shortest url shortner then you can register here. If you still have any query left, then please comment down below, I reply to each and every comment soon. Also, you can follow this site for more useful guides in future.

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