Top 5 Best Pole Saw Reviews

You can’t use ladder at every occasion, especially, when it comes to trim the tree branches finely which are high off the ground. So, anything that is attached to a stick serves your purpose finely, right?

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Here, we are talking about 'pol saws’- a mechanical instrument used to cut something from a distant. Literally, the words pol saw’ signifies a special kind of saw which is attached to a pole and can be used for cutting purpose of those things which are not in our reach.

Why you should use pole saw?

Pole saws are really great instruments that you must be loving after using them- all this I can say by my experience of using them. Some years back, when I was cutting tree branches using a ladder, it just sunk in. 

I couldn’t climb up the tree because I was 40 years old and also suffering from diseases. So, a friend of mine, suggested me few best pol saws and after using them I just can say- This Job is wonderful with them.
There are variety of pole saws available in the market. But choosing right one comes with lots of wandering through myriad of stores and reviews. So, you can leverage our experience to choose the best tool for you. 

We have reviewed a lot of pole saws and we are presenting best 5 for you here.

# 1 WORX WG309 Electric Pole Saw

Pole Saw Reviews #1

WORX WG309 Electric Pole Saw is a compact and light weight instrument available in black and orange colour. It comes with 8 foot long pole which makes it very convenient for cutting tree branches which are high off the ground. This tool is attached with no tools so it makes it quick and comfortable to transition from a chainsaw to a pole saw.

This tool is durable because it comes with auto tension chain system which reduces it maintenance considerably. It has rotatable handle by which you can prune in any direction conveniently.

The main features of this pole saw are given below-

1) It comes with auto tension chain system which helps in enhancing its life.
2) Rotatable handle makes it easy to prune in any direction
3) The pole length is 8 foot which makes it convenient for long reach.
4) It is available in black and orange colours.
5) It is compact and light weight so you can carry it anywhere with ease.

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#2 Earthwise PS40008 Electric Telescopic Pole Saw

Pole Saw Review #2

When we ordered this amazing pole saw we were excited about its performance. It soon reached to our door step, while looking it we were little bit septic about its power as it was tiny and having low price.

But after using it, we were just surprised. It did wander for us and we had to stop using it just because our work was finished. The main features of this pole saw are given below-

1) It comes with telescopic extension pole which is extensible up to 10.2 feet.
2) 3 Position adjustable head makes it possible to cut anything conveniently.
3) Telescopic adjustable head makes it easy to use.
4) This tool requires automatic oiling.
5) It comes with 8 inch Oregon bar and chain
6) This product weighs 10.9 pounds
7) Product dimensions are 66x9x4 inches.

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#3 WORX WG308 Electric JawSaw with Extension Handle

Pole Saw Review #3

If recent storm has destroyed your courtyard trees and you need to trim them, then this Jaw Saw is for you. It is different than chain saw or gas saw in a way that it can cut branches which are 4" in diameter. Chain saw functionality seems to be limited when you have to reach out for high off branches but Jaw Saw can be a good alternative for this purpose.

It works fine but little bit heavy than the former product but it is quiet safe; anyone can use it without caring much about safety concerns. Automatic oiling system makes its functioning smooth and it is also convenient without extensible handle. Jaws attached to it keeps dusts away from touching the blade, so, you don't stuck midway cutting the heavy unmanned branches.

The main features are given below-

1) This Jaw Saw comes with single bolt Auto tension system.
2) You can cut limbs which are up to 12 feet high off the ground.
3) It comes with 6 inch bar
4) You can cut maximum diameter 4 inch (fixed size)
5) It does not use oil or gas; it is fully powered by 5 ampere electricity.
6) This chain saw comes with extensible handle which makes it easy to cut extra long branches.
7) You can entirely focus on cutting without diverting towards safety concerns as it is equipped with guard around chains.
8) It is fully operated by electricity ; so it does not produce any noxious emissions.

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#4 Sun Joe SWJ800E Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw

Pole Saw Review #4

This pole chain saw is 6.5 ampere , 8 inch telescoping electric pole saw having automatic chain and lubrication system. If you want to cut thin limbs then it is ideal pole saw for you. The best part of this pole saw is that it has adjustable length pole so if you want to cut limbs which are closer then you don't need to operate from 9 feet away as in case of previous chain saws.

I generally make the pole length shorter while I am on ladder and cutting some close limbs. Also, it is lightest so you don't get tired by carrying it on your shoulder. The main features are given below-

1) This pole chain saw is CSA approved and it comes with 2 year warranty.
2) You can get 15 inch overhead rich by extending 8.7 inch telescoping pole.
3) You can cut branches of diameter up to 7.5 inch.
4) It is equipped with a powerful 6.5 ampere motor.
5) Automatic lubrication and 8 inch Oregon cutting bar.
6) Item weight is 9.7 pounds and dimensions are 3.3x5.9x68.5 inches.

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#5 Remingon RM1025SPS Ranger Electric Chainsaw/Pole Saw Combo

Pole Saw Reviews #5

This is the best pole saw that you can use to trim small limbs which are generally not reachable as it can extend your reach up to 15 feet above the ground. 10 inch bar and 8 ampere powerful motor makes low kickback while cutting with required convenience.

We were a bit of surprise after using this pole saw because it was beyond our hopes. It does not have any oil chamber and gas container so weight is reduced drastically. Pole is made up of fibre and aluminium which makes it durable and light weight. But only concern about plastic handle may worry you because it seems to break with strong hitting but it was not the case with using it. The main features are given below-

1) Without using any tools, you can attach chainsaw to pole.
2) Comparatively low kickback as it is using powerful 8 ampere motor.
3) Overhead reach up to 10 -15 feet is quiet achievable.
4) This pole saw is perfect for hard to reach small limbs trimming.
5) Weight of the product is 11.9 pounds and dimensions are 9.25x8.44x39.75 

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Wrap up !

So, we have reviewed best pole saws for you. Pole saws comes handy when you want to make your tree trimming task effortless with required safety also. Each pole saw has its own features; we can't tell you your exact need.

 You can better gauge your requirement and choose one among the above presented best 5 pole saws.

In order to help you deciding the best fit for your work , ask some questions to yourself then you would be in a better position to select one according to your need.

How many trees you need to cut?

Do you want oil operated pole saw or you need electric pole saw?

Do you need to cut limbs which are way above the ground or you need to cut them from short distance?

We hope, this review would have helped you to pick best pole saw for your tree trimming journey .

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