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As the old saying goes, "A picture speaks more than a thousand words", we all absorb pictorial representations in great extent than the text itself. It is considered a bad practice for both SEO point of view as well as for user experience if you use graphics miserly while creating web pages. 

So, you agree that negligence of graphics representations in web pages might come at great cost. You can either use images or you can use Advanced Html Canvas element to draw graphics. But we recommend you to prefer Html Canvas over images, answer to why I will explain later. We have made a simple and easy to learn cheat sheet for beginners and advanced web developers which you can reference for creating amazing graphics in web pages. 

What is Html Canvas?

Before moving to cheat sheet by us, let's throw some light on the basics about HTML canvas element. HTML5 element canvas is a powerful tool for creating graphics, image components or even animations. But canvas element does not create graphics on its own, we need to use JavaScript to draw images.Here, getcontext() method is used to return an object by which line, text and circles can be drawn. All this is explained in the cheat sheet provided by us. 

Why use Html Canvas?

Now we will justify our point why you should prefer HTML canvas over images. Actually, a good web developer always cares about the web page speed and performance issues. A low page loading time can generate increased leads and enhances user experience. 

When a web page containing images is loaded then the browser has to decode the encoded image element for screen view. When we scroll down and scroll up this task of decoding is repeated so we can say this decoding process is a little bit expensive for performance issue. But if you are using HTML canvas then in order to render images, the browser does not have to go through this expensive decoding process while scrolling up and scrolling down to the web page. 

Moreover, HTML canvas element is not limited to pictorial representation, it can be used for a lot of things that were possible by using Flash. You can create dynamic graphics, beautiful animations. interactive video-audio and developing online and offline games. Being open source, it is convenient to use on both mobile devices and desktop computers. 

Why you should use this powerful cheat sheet?

ColorsGlobal is the best company which provides insight into the web and mobile app development. A powerful cheat sheet acts as a supplement to refresh your learning skills and pace up the developing process.So, whether you are a beginner or you are an advanced developer, this cheat sheet by will make your daunting job enjoyable. The main benefit of using it is that it explains everything in a lucid manner and you can even download it in either PNG or PDF format for your convenience. 

This cheat sheet explains all the necessary things that can aid for referencing for beginners as well as for advanced developers. First of all, it explains what is HTML canvas, its parts attribute that you can pass in <canvas> and types of content. Then it explains how you can draw shapes like rectangle, how you can draw a path and implement path methods. You can use different styles like butt, round and square and fill colours, make shadow and fill gradients. 

Next, it explains how to draw text, how to style text and advancement text measurement is also explained. Then it represents image drawing methods, how to get images and how to scale them. Different styles of composition and clipping are also explained like source- over, source-in, source-out, destination-out etc.It also explains animation steps and scheduling updates. Next, it explains basic animation steps and scheduling updates. You will also learn about pixel manipulations and hit regions and accessibility. In the end, useful tips like scaling of images, use of integers, CSS etc. also given which are really helpful for developing excellent web applications. 

Wrap up!

Now we know that importance of HTML canvas can not be ignored for developing an effective web application. We came to know that, this powerful cheat sheet developed by is the ultimate destination for refreshing useful material which is explained in a lucid manner and you can even download this in PNG or PDF format. 

So why wait! Download this effective tool for brushing up your HTML canvas skills from the link given below, and start developing the mind blowing web applications with the help of this cheat sheet.

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