What is Frame in Image? What is Frame in Video? What is Frame Rate?

what is frame in image? what is frame in video? what is frame rate?

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What is meant by frames in an image?

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Well, I would like to answer the question because Digital Image Processing with Matlab was my favorite subject during my Btech. Though it was not part of our curriculum but I inclined towards it one day when I was editing my pics in photoshop. I started thinking that what happens behind the scene of photoshop software when we edit any image. 

I have successfully completed my Matlab Projects which are sort of awesome to be adopted at the higher level of research. 

Relax, I will not go further describing myself but come straight to your question. I just gave my intro to convince you that I can answer it confidently. In the end, I will also post the link to my Matlab Projects as a complimentary gift for you; or you might think that I want people to be on my programming community by this way. 

Let's straight to my answer:)

1) Your question is technically wrong because Image doesn't have multiple frames. An image is just a single frame. So, your question is ambiguous at first glance. But I am modifying your question on the basis of possibilities of words before picking it up for my answer straight away. 

a) What is a frame in an image?(because image have only one frame)
b) What are frames in a video? (Video has multiple frames)

2) What is Frame?

Let me clarify this from daily life examples.  

a) When you and your spouse go to the studio for having a nice couple pic, you ask the editor to decorate it with special kind of attractive frame.  So, just because of the frame, you are able to hang that pic on the wall or you may place on the table in your bedroom. Right? 

P.S- Don't take that story personally, it was just an instance of explanation. 

b) You also hear the word 'frame'  when you fix window glass into it. A wooden frame usually supports the glasses in the window. Right?

By examples a) and b), I am sure that you can pick the context of the word frame in the physical world. 

But we are talking about Digital Image Processing, So now let it correlate it digitally when used for digital images. 

My Straight Answer Now:

As we have seen that window is made of glass and it is supported by its frames or we may say window glass is confined to the frame. Similarly, Your couple pic :) is also defined by its frame in terms of size and placement of pic. 

So, we can say in digital image processing, the frame of a pic is the dimensions which contain the pixels constituting the image. If the image is 1280x720(HD size) then frame size is 1280X720 (HD frame size). Now, if the number of pixels/cm are more then the resolution would be high otherwise the image would be of poor quality. 

When it comes to video then, a video is constituted by many frames relayed instantly giving you the appearance of continuous motion. If a number of frames are more in a video than the video would capture every little movement otherwise it would not play that much smooth. 

What is Frame Rate?

what is frame rate?

The frame rate is the number of frames displayed per second in a video. Normally fps( frame per second aka frame rate) is nearly 25-30 in normal movie videos. But for displaying action scenes, in which objects move with speed, a high frame rate is recommended. On the other hand, if you are just filming yourself while you are stand alone then low frame rate would do the job while maintaining quality and saving data. 

I hope, I have answered you. 

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